Our Eko-loo brand toilet block is the full ecological solution with no pit use. Sitting above ground, the EkoLoo diverts sterile urine, which is then mixed with gray household water and used as a liquid fertilizer to a vegetable garden or soak pit. Faeces, when collected separately, dries out to a quarter of its original volume and can be incinerated to dispose. Alternately, the faeces are collected and dried out for a longer period(when microbes and other and can be added to soil as fertilizer.
Eko-loo consists of a complete hut and slab and is based on “the Don’t Mix” – the urine diversion principle. Urine (90% of excreta) and faeces (only 10% of excreta) are kept separate at source and disposed of differently. EKO-LOO comprises a hut with a squatting slab, or a slab with pedestal, with urine cavity for urine diversion and faeces drop hole. A container is placed under the faeces drop hole to collect faeces. A small length of flexible pipe is connected to urine cavity at one end and to any container (placed outside of EKO-LOO) at the other end to collect urine. A wall of bricks, stones or blocks is built of required height.