QDesk is the only student desk which is modern, eco-friendly, ergonomic, safe for the students and lasts a lifetime. This is the furniture that every student should have. In the modern world, education should not be left behind.

Technical Info:

QDesk® Technical Specifications
QDESK Measurements Small Medium Large
Floor seat height 32 cm 38 cm 43 cm
Desk to seat back length 30 cm 38 cm 41 cm
Work space width 32 cm 32 cm 38 cm
Work space length 41 cm 30 cm 41 cm
Seat width 32 cm 38 cm 43 cm
Seat length 30 cm 32 cm 35 cm
Diameter of base 48 cm 53 cm 58 cm
Width of Storage area 18 cm 18 cm 18 cm