About Us

About Our Company

AquaSanTech is an association of companies that are focused on delivering innovative water and sanitation solutions. All solutions are designed to be low cost, easy to install and use and long lasting. We boast a full range of water and sanitation products that cover a wide range of applications such as water access, storage and treatment.

Our products are often combined into packages to provide a full solution to the buyer. In addition to significant capacity in designing and manufacturing various products, we are also able to install and commission water and sanitation projects on a significant scale. Aquasantec are ideal partners for implementing large scale modular water and sanitation projects using standardized products and components. In last three years we have installed over 10,000 toilets and tanks in various locations in East Africa and have implemented these projects on behalf of major NGOs and UN agencies.

AquaSanTec is now operational in six countries in East Africa (Kenya, Rwanda, Burundi, Uganda, South Sudan and Ethiopia) and has six operational plants to deliver products to all locations.